South Bend/Chicago Trip

Well, this post is over a month late. Sorry, it's been a busy month! About 5 weeks ago, My Dad, brother, cousin, myself and 6 other friends of my brother, hopped on a plane in our U of U gear head for Chicago. Our destination, though, was South Bend, Indiana. Home of the Fighting Irish. The game would prove to be quite painful, but all in all, it was a great trip.
All 10 of us walking to Harry Carey's for dinner

Matt, Harry Carey and me

on campus

Looking mafioso in the Cathedral

Look who we found--Eric Weddle. All in the pic excluding my Dad will admit to Eric Weddle crushes!

outside the stadium

All of us inside the stadium

We are clueless right here as to how bad this game will be. 3.5 hours of rain and pain

We sat in the faculty section of ND and found some sweet Catholic friends to take our photo

The fly-over

Last pic I took of the field. Before the game even started. There was nothing good that happened during the game.

The game was horrible and we got rained on almost the whole time. But South Bend was beautiful and the fans were very warn and inviting. I would totally live in South Bend. It was lovely! That night we drove back to our hotel in Chicago and walked a few blocks to Giardanos for some deep-dish pizza. I have no pics of it bc we waited 2 hours to get our pizza and i was so tired by the time we finally ate. Next day was Sunday. My co-worker, Seth and his wife Bre used to live in Chicago and they told me we had to have breakfast at the Bongo Room. So we did. It was delightful! (see proof below)

Dan's Oreo-banana pancakes

Matt had the breakfast burrito and hash browns

Dad had pumpkin spice pancakes

I had the chocolate tower of french toast. Are you kidding me? And this was only 1/2 the portion. But I ordered a side of bacon and they brought me out 8 pieces. Weird,  but no complaints here. It was delightful.

After, we were thinking of getting tix to the Bears/Vikings game, but they were pricey and we were spent after the game the day before, so we opted for a boat tour of the city instead. It was cold, but fun.

At Navy Pier. This was pretty much the end of our journey. After this we drove to the airport and flew home. All in all, it was a great trip other than the game that we flew there to see. But we had a good time, have some new Cathollic buddies, ate some delicious food, were able to touch Eric Weddles arms of steel, and for that we are all happy campers!

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