Chantal or Emily?

As many of you know Erin and I have been die hard bachelor fans this season. Tonight is the season finale and I am so excited to find out who he picks! The final two in the running are Emily and Chantal and Erin and I are hoping that bachelor Brad will be smart and pick Emily! She is absolutely adorable and so down to earth. Spoiler alert: However we have been hearing all season that in the end he picks Chantal :( I'm really hoping these rumors aren't true because I personally can't stand the girl. One thing is for sure though these past couple of weeks have not been as entertaining without Michelle. Say what you want about the girl but no one can deny that she is entertaining! How great would it be if she became the next bachelorette?! That would make for some good TV!

1 comment:

  1. First of all...its a good thing your spoiler alert was wrong...
    Second of all...could you imagine if Michelle was the next bachelorette, that would be amazing!
    And third of all...that picture of her is priceless!
    Haha, I just love you and Erin!