These are a few of my (Erin's) favorite things----bearded men!

Bearded men.....I love them. I wouldn't say I necessarily love a long beard, but a nice trimmed beard is so lovely. But that's not exactly all this post is really about. It's about 2 bands that I have recently discovered that I love. My friend Emily is a DJ on KRCL Wednesday nights and she has introduced me to a whole new world of music. Wednesday night Emily, our friend Jake and I went to a concert here in SLC at Kilby Court. The Head and the Heart was the main band. They are amazing. And mostly bearded. (See pic below)

And one of the most amazing and passionate bands I have heard in a long time is Mumford and Sons (shown below). More beards.....love it! I LOVE their album. There is not a song on there I skip over---except for one that is explicit, but I love the edited version "Little Lion Man." Every time I hear this lovely band from the UK I want to do a little jig. Their songs are poetic and beautiful.

And last but not least.....I am going to see Thor tonight with some friends for the sheer fact that Thor ( Chris Hemsworth) is such a lovely, bearded man! Thanks to all you beardies out there! :)


  1. I had this exact conversation about beards today with my sisters. I couldn't agree more with you. Cat Stevens beard makes me drool.

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  2. They are up there too, MJ! :)