So Hot! Want to Touch the Hiney! Arrrooooo! (Our Favorite Famous Men Continued)

Ok so it is now my (Amy's) turn to list of my top 5 favorite famous men which is going to be insanely hard for me because really Erin only 5? Anyway I will do my best to narrow them down. So here we go


 Chris Pine! So i'm not the biggest trecky fan although the last film was pretty well done, but I must say I have watched it more than once just to see this mans beautiful face! He is so lovely!


Hottie #2 is someone that I have loved for many years. Matt Damon! I don't know what it is about him but ever since School Ties (when Erin was swooning over Chris O'donnell) I've had the biggest crush on him. Looking back that movie was loaded with hotties! Which is probably why Erin and I have watched it numerous times. Movie night anyone?


Mr. Marky Mark Wahlberg! What more can I say? Although this picture was obviously taken many years ago back in his Calvin Klein modeling days he just keeps looking better and better with age. Muah!


Shia Labeouf! Who doesn't love this guy? He is just adorable. Not someone that would make your head turn but there is something very charming and fun about him. I love Shia!


John Corbett. Ok so I've always thought John was a adorable but I'm not sure if he would have ever made it on my list if not for his role as Aiden on SATC. I don't know if I have ever been more in love with a fictional T.V. character as I am with Aiden Shaw!

Some honorable mentions of mine who did not make the list are; like Erin John Krasinski, Reggie Bush, my Italian brother Leonardo Dicaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper, James Franco,
Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting but there you have it. Hope you've enjoyed the eye candy and we will be back soon with our next blog post :)


  1. Well, I guess our tastes aren't so different. Chris Pine and Mark Whalberg are extremely hot! The only thing is that Chris Pine may be slightly on the pretty side, but his facial hair makes him look manly. Also, how could I forget Ryan Reynolds as an honorable mention. He is lovely. School Ties---yes, packed with hotties!