Our Favorite Famous Men!

Amy and I talked about doing a post about our favorite famous men. So here are my top 5 faves right now, in no particular order. I will, however, first post my hollywood crush I've had ever since I was in the 9th grade and saw "School Ties" for the first time. Chris O'Donnell. I love him. He has the boy-next-door look that I love and is married to a kindergarten teacher. How cute is that? He is definitely my all-time favorite and just keeps getting hotter!

Next one combines 2 of my loves--soccer and blond men. That's right----Mr. Beckham! He is a lovely chap and an incredible footballer!
Next, we have my favorite Lost cast member--Sawyer. Josh Holloway. Hello Josh! I might have a pic of Josh taped on my desk so that you can only see it if from where I sit! He stares deeply into my eyes all day! Too bad my co-worker (who shall remain nameless--Seth) thought it would be funny to notarize Josh's face. It's fine---he still looks good!
Now, this next one is not someone I would say is the most attractive man ever, but he does something to me. I love James McAvoy. There is something so hot about him. And of course, the accent doesn't hurt either!

Last, but not least, an actor that I've recently taken an interest in is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I loved him in 500 Days of Summer and also in Inception. He is adorable!

A few I love that didn't make the top 5 are John Krasinski, Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Ashton Kutcher, Landon Donavan (I could list several soccer players but I won't), and the list goes on and on. Stay tuned for Amy's favorites........We have very different tastes!


  1. My name is Nicole and I approve this message! So great! I wholeheartedly agree! Although I would switch James McAvoy for John Krasinski. But hey- it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round!

  2. Umm....why isn't Zac Efron on your list? Just wondering. I do agree, Chris O'Donnell is a cutie.

  3. I was sad that I didn't make the list this year.
    I am going to start working out and becoming famous, then I hope to be there next year.
    Or you could make a list of not so famous, super skinny men, then I would have a shot.

  4. Heather, sorry about Zac. I just don't love him the way you do. He is adorable though. Rob, you would totally make my list of favorite men!