Dress Design for Shabby Apple Dresses

Shabby Apple Dresses or http://www.shabbyapple.com/  is having a dress design contest for their Spring 2011 season and so I decided to enter. I love Shabby Apple dresses and just dresses in general, so I thought about the design and style I would really like to be wearing right now. This is what I came up with!

Ok, I love to draw, but am certainly not a great artist, so I will describe the dress to you. The botton of the dress I would have a poly/rayon blend and would be a pencil-skirt style. The top of the dress would be lace with a polyster lining. The buttons would be pearl-like buttons. I would have a few different colors in this dress. The first would be white on top with a light gray on the bottom and a black waist. The other colors would be a lilac on the botton and an ivory on top with a dark brown waist.

So, here is my dress. Thank you Shabby Apple for letting me enter the contest!


  1. I would totally buy that dress! I love the idea of the lace on top and the pearl buttons! And a thick waist to cover the baby belly is never a bad thing :) Good luck, I think it's a winner!

  2. 100% agree Lis! And it's not always a baby belly sometimes it's just a big gut from eating way too much which is what's going on in my case. Lol. That's why when Erin asked if she made the waist to thick I told her the thicker the better! Erin you are a fashion designer in the making. So proud!

  3. Love the dress. I'd buy it in the grey.