5k for Kim!

In June, my friends Kim and Joe were hiking in Bell's canyon when they both fell into the falls. Kim didn't survive. My good friend Annalissa put together a 5k yesterday in her memory for her B-day. It was a great morning to celebrate Kim. We all wore yellow (Kim's favorite color). Kim's family came down from Wyoming to participate. Annalissa and all those involved did a great job. We miss you Kim!

Lisa and Amber putting the balloons up before.

Kim's Pics

Registering Before the Race

Kim's Mom and Sister

Adrienne, Heather and me before the race

Laralee, Annalissa and me after the race

The race started and ended and Wentworth Care Center where Tamara works. After the race we had bagels and fruit and loud music. This awesome man in the care center came out and started dancing with us!