This Sunday at our family dinner the topic of bacon was brought up. If you know our family that probably won't surprise you. We talked of all the weird ways people eat bacon, dipped in chocolate, on top of doughnuts, etc. I (Amy) personally think both sound delightful but other members of my family did not agree. So when Sarah brought up the fact that someone at her work had made a delicious chocolate bacon cake and that she had the recipe and wanted to try it I was ready and able to help make it (and eat it.) Sadly we were unable to make it because the recipe called for 8 inch round cake pans that neither of us had. But don't worry we did not give up there. Instead we found another cake done by Martha Stewart...
Maple layer cake. Now Sarah's family recently discovered a doughnut from beyond glazed called the maple bacon doughnut that is apparently divine so we thought why not throw some bacon on top of that?! And so our journey began.
Pouring maple syrup into the mixing bowl. One valuable lesson we learned while making this cake is that maple syrup is expensive and it takes a lot to make this cake :\
Sifting flour :)
Whitnee joined us a little later which was lovely because we haven't been able to see her much lately with all her wedding plans.

Sarah mixing. She's really good.


Professional @ work

A couple hours later and vuala!

Shot from above

The $25's worth of maple syrup used to make the cake

getting drunk off of maple syrup

All in all the cake was delicious. We all commented that it tasted like breakfast and that the only thing that would make it better would be to put more bacon in the middle. Since Whit came over we (Whit and I) decided to practice her hair for the wedding (don't ask) while the cake was baking so we missed the making of the frosting which took 4 sticks of butter. That's right 4! Apparently it was quite dramatic. Whitnee and I heard a lot of yelling coming from the kitchen and were glad and sad at the same time that we missed out on the action. Lol. I would like to give a shout out to Sarah's mom Valois who we would not have been able to make the cake without. Also to Maria and John who showed their support. Stay tuned for more baking adventures :)


  1. I'm wondering when I'm going to be given a sample of that delicious cake.

  2. We will be making another soon my dearest and we will invite you over to share a piece or two :)

  3. Holy tamales that cake is a heartattack waiting to happen!
    I've had bacon dipped in dark chocolate and it's heaven!