So halfway through writing my new blog post Erin my lovely sister texts me and tells me to check out her new blog post and what do you know we had posted basically the same thing pics and all! We are so alike it frightens me at times! Anyway to add to what Erin said I also am in love with the fall and my favorite part about the fall is Utah football. Below is a highlight reel of the Utes 2008 13-0 perfect season to get all you fellow Ute fans pumped up. Hopefully this year we can pull it off again :)

In other exciting news Erin and I received our pre-ordered Mockingjay books last Tuesday August 24th. We are both so excited and are loving it so far. I know I've said it in a previous posts but if you haven't read the Hunger Games series it is a must! Such good books!

Erin thoroughly enjoying her copy of Mockingjay. Lol!

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