Fashion Friday---"You can never have too many cardigans."

I (Erin) get teased a lot at work for the amount of cardigans I own and wear often. My co-worker Kelsee cut a little ad out of a magazine once for me that says "You can never have too many cardigans." So true! A few months ago Kelsee asked me to count how many I actually owned and i think it was upwards of 26. I know, sounds ridiculous. And since then I have purchased a few more. I pretty much have one or more in every color. But the cardigan is so versatile. So many uses. It is perfect to throw over a dress to add a little color or to wear over something sleeveless. It can dress up anything you are wearing or simply give it a new bold look. There are so many different types of cardigans ranging in color, length and style. You also have the assymetrical, the ruffled and the shawl cardigan. Olive green, magenta, grey, and crimson are apparently the big colors of the season. This season the "boyfriend" or longer cardigan is in. The great thing about the longer cardingan is that you can also dress it up with a belt over the cardigan. Here are some favorite looks right now:
So many cardigans, so little time! And I'm so happy that it is fall because that means I will be wearing them even more.
Many of the cardigans posted here are from Old Navy and Down East Outfitters! Enjoy!


  1. Oooh! Those are adorable! I may need to find some of them. I've already bought 1 new one for me and 2 for Lil!

  2. The other great thing about cardigan's is that they can help you to look like you are 107 years old......you know, for that special occasion.