These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Hello blog world! So Erin has very "subtly" been reminding me everyday how i need to get a post up so i guess it is my turn. I decided that since we are so new to this that i would do a post on some things I am loving right now and things I am looking forward to as a way of introducing myself. So here it goes... I will  start off first with...

Summer! It is one of my very favorite times of the year! I love the heat and all of the fun outdoor stuff that comes along with it like camping, sports, playing in the pool, going sun bathing, outdoor running, summer sunsets and the list goes on and on. I will be very sad when it is all over and we have to go back to the nasty cold weather :(

I know that the world cup is over and done but i must say that i thoroughly enjoyed it this year. I have always loved soccer but for some reason before this year i never really invested any of my time in watching the world cup which is a shame because come to find it is amazing! I'm very sad that it only comes every four years but i am looking forward to 2014!

Another reason to watch the world cup ;)

Crisiano Ronaldo

I am no movie critic but this Monday i had the day off of work and got the chance to go see the movie Inception with my lovely parents and let me just tell you it was amazing! It was so well done from the casting to the storyline to the music to the special effects, and so on and so forth. My dad kept raving about it after the show had ended so i asked if he thought it was as good as his all time favorite movie The Godfather and he could not answer me. If you know my dad then you know that is saying something. If you have not yet seen this movie then i  would highly recommend it. It will blow your mind!

There is nothing more to say about The Hunger Games Trilogy than the fact that it is absolutely amazing! I got finished with Catching Fire a couple of months ago and have been impatiently awaiting for the arrival of the third instalment Mockingjay. I can not wait til August 24th! It's not that far away right? :\

Another thing that I love about the summer time is frozen yogurt (not that i don't eat it all the other seasons ;) and the best place to get frozen yogurt is hands down The Yogurt Stop! My  friends Sarah and Whitnee recently got a basement apartment a couple minutes away from The Yogurt stop and it has made this summer heavenly! They have the best variety of flavors and i think they change them once a week. Some of my personal favorites are pomegranate, pumpkin, Oreo, tart, mounds, bubble gum, and many more that i can't think of right now. They also serve boba tea which is fabulous!

Not long ago my best friend Sarah introduced me to a song called Animal by the Neon Trees. I have loved the song ever since and listen to it all the time. About a week ago I found out that the band is actually based in Provo. Yahoo for local bands!

Last but most definitely not least FOOTBALL! I am always super excited for football season to start up but I've got to say after all the craziness of the NBA draft I am doubly (not a word I know) excited to have something else to hear about sports wise. It will be exciting and kind of sad i must say to watch the Utes play their last season as a part of the Mtn. West conference.  Here we come PAC 10 12! And i can't leave out my other favorite team even though i know I'm going to get a lot of crap for it. Go Giants!!!

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  1. Holla! Cristiano Ronaldo! He is a beautiful man and yes, the shirt exchange is also one of my favorite things about soccer! :)