Viva España!

I (Erin) have to give a shout-out to my World Cup-winning Spaniards! A week ago Spain won the World Cup. They had never won before and in fact had never even made it past the quarter finals before this World Cup. They are also the first team ever to win the World Cup after losing their first game.

I lived in Spain for a year and a half as a missionary, and it was actually in Spain that I gained my love for soccer--o sea, futbol. I had the opportunity to go to a Real Madrid game in 2000 when i lived there. It was a Eurocup match against Frankfurt, if I remember correctly. We sat on the 16th row and ate bocadillas and cheered with all the other crazy fans. It was a lot of fun and something I will never forget!

So....felicidades España! I can only imagine the parties that went on in Spain to celebrate. Madrid has been called "the city that never sleeps"  and I can attest to that!  I'm sure that the parties continued all week long and maybe are even still going on. What I would've given to have been back to celebrate with a country and people that I love and miss so much! Viva España!    http://gu.com/p/2tbeb


  1. They let you go to a Real Madrid game as a missionary! So lucky!

  2. Yes, we were able to go to a profession soccer match and a bull fight. I never ended up going to a bull fight, though!

  3. Pres. Clark didn't let us go. You got lucky and went to one before he came in.

  4. I'm so excited for your blog! I love your background and header! It's a little sad that the World Cup is over though and we have to wait 4 more years! It was fun, and cool for you that Spain won!