Day #10--Amy

Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad:

Songs I listen to when I'm happy- Anything by Coldplay, Dashboard Confessionals, Kelly Clarkson, Matt Nathanson, Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, there's more but those are the first that come to mind.

Songs I listen to when I'm sad- like Erin, I also listen to depressing songs when I'm sad. As weird as it seems it makes me feel better and I've talked to many that feel the same way. Some of my favorites are; Sometime around midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, Cold As You, Last Kiss, Breathe all by Miss Taylor Swift, Maybe by Kelly Clarkson, Breakeven and Nothing by the Script. (Thanks Lindsay for introducing me). Tattoo by Jordin Sparks (Sarah that last one was for you. You know what I'm talking about).

I'm skipping bored.

Hyped- Stronger by Kanye West, Anything Lady Gaga, Animal by Neon Trees, Bleed It Out by Lincoln Park, Encore by Jay-z and Lincoln Park.

Mad- I also love to listen to angry girl music when I'm mad but when I'm really mad I like to listen to more heavy stuff like I Don't Care by Apocalyptica, Pretty Handsome Awkward by The Used.


  1. Hahahaha Tattoo. That was a rough couple of months lol.

  2. This is fun! I'm glad you guys are doing this whole blog challenge thing! I loved this post, basically because I feel the same. And I also like that you skipped the bored category, come on! I'm going to go listen to a few of these songs that I haven't heard of yet!