Day #13--Fav TV shows (Erin)

Wow, I am way behind. Favorite TV shows.....

Well, LOST is over, but was one of my fav. TV shows ever. ( I miss you Sawyer)

Monday nights we watch The Bachelor (guilty pleasure)

Modern Family

Arrested Development

Man vs. Food (I love Adam)

Celebrity Apprentice (this is a Sunday night family favorite)

I used to really like Glee, but I'm so tired of the political agenda on the show each week

Loved the first few seasons of The Office, but I just can't get into it anymore.

I just started watching Off The Map. It's kinda hokey in that it's supposed to be set in Central or South America but is filmed in Hawaii. Many of the so-called Hispanic characters are played by Hawaiians. Don't get me wrong--love Hawaii and Hawaiian people. But hearing them speak Spanish is kinda funny! I like the show, though. It's cheesey and about 50 dramatic things happen each week, but so far I am entertained.

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