Day #12--Most embarrassing moment (Erin style)

Oh dear, I have had so many of these! But here is at least one of the most embarrasing:

So, in early summer of 2002 (when I had been back from my mission a year), I went back to Spain with a friend from my mission, Monique. We also went to Portugal, Switzerland and Italy, but this particular event occured in Madrid. So, Monique and I went to dinner with 2 guys that were in a ward that I had served in when I was a missionary there. They told us they were taking us to an awesome Middle Eastern restaurant. So, we go in and I was in a skirt and these really chunky Steve Madden shoes that were very popular at the time. So, we walk in. Picture the restaurant---you walk in and there is a hostess type person at their little booth and then there is a set of maybe 7ish stairs they take you down and at the bottom of those stairs are all the tables they seat you at. So, I am at the front of everyone and the hostess is taking us down the stairs. Well, I trip on about the 4th stair in my huge, chunky shoes. It's the kind of tripping where you just can't catch your balance because it all happens so fast. So I'm tripping down stairs and the next thing I know I am sprawled across a table right at the bottom of the stairs. Sitting at the table is a couple waiting to get their food. I'm sure it was super romantic until I was laying on their table and they were wondering what they had really ordered. :)  It was humiliating! I can't even tell you! I don't embarrass easily, and I don't blush much, but I'm sure I was about 1000 shades of red. I couldn't even look at the people when I said I was sorry. And it took me about 10 minutes to even be able to look at my friends--especially my Spaniard friends! But it must not have turned off my Spaniard friend too much because he kissed me at the end of the night! :) But...the food really was delicious! Some of the best I've ever had. Cinnamon crusted chicken. It was divine!

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