Day #12--Amy--Bloody kisses

Your most embarrassing moment:

I am praying that my parents do not read this. I asked Sarah what she thought I should put as my most embarrasing moment and when she told me what she thought, I told her that that would be too racy to put on our sweet little innocent blog. Then she informed me that it needed to be a little more racy because I was being too boring. So here you go Sarah. I hope you're happy!

So we all know I have a tendency to get bloody noses and I seem to get them at the most inconvenient times. So about a year ago I was dating this guy, we'll call him Temper, and we all know that when you date someone that there can sometimes be kissing involved.

One night we were lip to lip(getting our kiss on). Most of the time I can feel my bloody noses coming on, now that being said I'll jump right into the story(I hope you're ready to have your most embarrassing moment blown out of the water by mine). The scene played out a little something like this...

(Sitting on his couch "watching a movie"... kissing)
Amy:(feeling the blood vessel in my nose start to crack, jumping off the couch I let out a scream)"I'll be right back!"
I rush to the bathroom, I don't even look back to see what surely must be the stunned/confused look on Temper's face. I'm in the bathroom with toilet paper jammed up my nostrils for about five minutes when I hear a little knock on the door.
Temper: "Are you okay, Amy?"
Amy: "Yeah, I'll be out in a minute."

Thirty minutes later... the blood has finally stopped flowing. I make my way back to the living room and plop myself back down onto the couch, trying my hardest to act nonchalant. Temper is looking at me with a look that says "Should I get out a scented candle for my bathroom?". Since I couldn't decide what was worse, him thinking that I had a burrito earlier that just didn't sit right with me or telling him that I had just used a half of a roll of his toilet paper to soak up my blood, I just sat there staring back at him for a minute with a dumbfounded look on my face. Then turned back to the movie. Nothing more was said.

Flash forward a week later(sitting on Temper's couch after a date... kissing). Now earlier I told you that I can usually feel my bloody noses coming on. The keyword in that sentence is USUALLY. This one came like a bat out of... a cave. Since I didn't have the feeling that usually comes, I was a little confused when I felt a warm liquid begin to cover my entire upper lip. I panicked. I shoved Temper and turned away from him. A quick wipe of my face with my hand and I see that there is blood... a lot of blood. I start to make my(what seems to be habitual make-out run) to the bathroom. But Temper wasn't letting me off that easy this time. He grabbed my arm. "Wait, what is going on? Where are you going" Temper asked. He wrapped around to see my face. I was holding my fist up underneath my nose and he asked, "What's wrong?" Turning to look at him now, I see my blood smeared over the lower portion of his face. I wrenched my arm out of his grasp and starting running towards the bathroom, on my way there I awkwardly shouted back an answer to his question, "My nose is bleeding!" After I was able to get my situation under control I came back out of the bathroom to find him sitting on the couch. He looked at me and started laughing hysterically. Apparently Temper gets a real kick out of bloody noses.  I stood there watching him laugh and would have probably started laughing too, if I hadn't been so horrified at the site of my blood still being on his face. I mustered up some courage and shyly stated, "There is blood on your face." His laughter came to an abrupt halt. Any sign on amusement once there was now gone. He then took a turn running to the bathroom. He soon returned and we both laughed somewhat awkwardly. Not much time had pasted before we were sitting on the couch kissing again. It has always amazed me how very little can deter a man from getting his mack. And in this case not even blood was going to stop Temper. Not even blood.

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  1. oh my gosh! this is hysterical! you had me busting up! haha