Day #4--Amy

A habit that you wish you didn’t have:

Ok so before I answer this question I would first off like to apologize to my blog partner Erin for heckling her the other night to get her blog post up for day 3 when in turn I did not. I had every intention of doing it but ended up playing an all too long game of Monopoly, (worst board game in the history of board games) got home late, totally forgot about it and instead went to bed. That is still no excuse and I majorly failed :( Sorry Er!

So anyway getting back on subject, I was originally thinking I was going to use procrastination as the habit I most wish I didn't have but I talked about that already in my first post and I don't want to be repetitive. I have many bad habits so it wasn't hard to think of another. A habit of mine that has gotten a little out of control as of late has been my bad sleeping habit. I just never want to go to bed. Don't get me wrong I love sleep but the actual getting in bed part is really hard for me and especially lately. I work 3 12's at my job which if you do the math gives me four days off. I really don't have anything I need to wake up for on those days off so I feel as though I can stay up as late as I want and sleep in. Bad idea! Two nights this week I stayed up til 4am and didn't wake up til 11am which I guess isn't a huge deal until Tuesday night comes along and I have to be up at 7am but don't feel tired til 2 or 3am. Anyway It's become a very nasty habit of mine which I (and others) end up paying for (I'm not a very happy/friendly person when I'm tired). I should probably get another part time job to even things out but lets get real that most likely isn't going to happen :)  

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  1. Amy! I am the same exact way. I don't have school or anything on MWF so I do the same thing... It's such a hard habit to break!
    Love you! Linds