Day #5--Amy

A picture of somewhere you've been to:

About Five years ago our family went on a church history tour. One of our stops was Ontario Canada. Now no offense to all you Canada lovers but to me it's nothing too special. In my opinion it's a lot like the U.S. except colder and more expensive. Two things I'm not a fan of. While we were there we went to Niagara Falls and I must say it was absolutely beautiful! I know this is not the best picture but the pictures we took from the trip were on our computer and somehow got erased :( very sad story. Anyway this is the only picture I could find and it doesn't come anywhere close to doing it justice. When we first got there (the night before this picture was taken) it was pitch black outside and they had different colors of lights shinning on the water fall. It was so beautiful! The next day we went and took a ride on the maid of the mist (see the boats at the bottom of the first picture). We got extremely wet but it was so much fun! Definitely the highlight of being in Canada and one of the many highlights of that trip. Good times!

Pics of Niagara Falls at night. Obviously not taken by me but thought it might be nice to have a visual :)

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