Days #4 and 5--Erin

My bad habit---shopping. 'Nuff said. I am working on it, but I love shopping so much!

A pic of somewhere I have been. Here is a pic of me in Frankfurt, Germany May 2009. Was I supposed to be there---no. Was it part of the trip plan---no. Did we miss the midnight train from Paris to Madrid. You bet we did! And so Kristy, Adrienne and I had to buy a train ticket to Frankfurt and a plane ticket from Frankfurt to Madrid which ended up being about 200+ euro each. Costly mistake, but it was fun. Auntie Lynne got us hooked up with the Mission Pres. in Frankfurt and they fed us, took us out on the town and let us sleep over at the mission home. Then they drove us to the airport early in the morning. Such nice people! Here is a pic of me and their youngest son in the city. He was so funny. Good times!

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