Day# 19--Amy--nicknames you have and why you have them

Mamy-- I got this one from my nephew Zach. When he was little and first started to talk this is what he called me and Erin still calls me Mamy to this day. To tell you the truth I can't remember the last time she called me by my actual name. Haha.

Pokey-- My dad has called me this since I was little. Not exactly sure where it came from but I remember being jealous of Erin because my dad's nickname for her was Lulu which I thought was much more appealing than Pokey.

Ermy-- Ermy is a combo of Erin and Amy which Erin and I are frequently called by our parents and brothers because often times they can't remember which one we are. Sad story.

Zapita-- Not sure if I'm spelling it correctly but I received this nickname from my friends because my friend Sarah knew of someone with the last name Zapita and they wanted me to marry him so my name would be Amy Zito Zapita which would actually be kind of awesome.

Zito-- Everyone in my family has this nickname. It's just an awesome last name!

Ames-- My brothers mostly call me this. There's not really a story behind it.