Day #3--Erin---Post a Picture of you and friends

Oh nothin'....Just me and my friend J-Kraz!

Annalissa, Me, Kristy and Laralee in Paris--We added some color to that city!

Jarome, Kenrick, Lisa, Jared, Brian and me

Me, Annalissa, Larisa and Anne

Lindsey Lu, Natalie and me at Christy's wedding--old friends!

Em, Christina, me, Laralee, Hailey

A few mission buddies!

Me, Anne, Natalie, Dougie, John and his wife--old friends

Nic, Janelle, Jarome, Sara, Brettly, etc. at my 31st Bday party

Erin, Heat, D'nell, Nicole

Me, Haylee, Janelle, Annalissa, Heat, Lisa and Kristy --I stole this one from Kristy

And my besties---not all the besties are in this pic, but you get the point!

I know, WAY too many pics. And I couldn't even find some of my friends in the pics. So, please don't be offended if you are not in here. You must just not take many pics with me! :)

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