Day #8--Amy

Your Fears/Phobias:

I have way too many fears to list all in one post so I have made the decision to only post my top 5. So here they are in random order.


Snakes! Just looking at this picture makes me cringe! Yuck! I'm so terrified of snakes doesn't matter if they are big or just a garden snake they all creep me out. I hate them and am pretty sure they are evil. That's maybe going a little far but whatever! I think I've made my point.
Heights. I think I have a dream of falling at least once a week and it terrifies me!
Water/drowning. As I've said before I can't swim. The water has always been terrifying for me. When I was younger I went to my friend Lindsay's birthday party at a public pool. I told my friends I couldn't swim so they gave me one of those floatation boards and said I would be fine if I just held on to it. Well somehow I let go of it and started to sink. My friends saw this and instead of lifting me out of the water they dragged me underwater to the edge of the pool. It could have only been a couple of seconds but it felt like forever! It was an awful feeling of panic and helplessness that I will never forget.
Public Speaking. I have no idea where this fear came from. It's so funny because I remember when I was little being in primary and they would always ask who wanted to give the talk for sharing time. I would volunteer every time and I think my mother wanted to kill me since she's the one that had to write them. Even for the primary program in sacrament meeting I would always ask for the biggest part. Somewhere between then and now I have developed a huge fear of public speaking. Just the thought of having to do it makes me nauseous.
Needles. I know no one likes getting shots but I seriously hate them with a passion! 


  1. Amy we have the exact same fears! I can relate to every single one of those, no wonder we're friends :) haha

  2. You have way too many fears for one person.