Day #10---songs I listen to (Erin)

Hmmm, songs that I listen to when I am sad---I know this is weird, but I like to listen to sad songs when I'm sad. Especially after a break-up. Some of my favorite songs are "Lost" by Little Big Town and also "Kiss Goodbye," also by Little Big Town. They have lots of good sad songs. Joshua Radin also has great sad love songs. And I like to listen to some sappy Spanish songs as well.

When I'm angry---I love to listen to the angry women artists--angry Pink, angry Kelly Clarkson, angry Taylor Swift and angry Carrie Underwood.

When I'm happy I like to listen to happy upbeat songs. Or also when I need some energy. But I usually like to listen to songs that fit my mood!


  1. I'm with you. When I'm down I like to find some empathy. :) Counting Crows always does it for me.

  2. I love that you listen to "angry" music, although, I can't imagine you ever angry...